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welllll.... x3
Owo Hai.
It looks like summer gym 2 isn't really all that bad. My faghag... s'cuse me let me rephrase that. My 'fruitfly', Sarah is in it, which makes it FAR more bearable. She'll be in my theatre class next year, thank GOD. We've been tanning all summer long, cause we want to look latino, for parts we want in the musical we'll be doing next year; Westside story.... *SQUEEEEE!!!* I LOVE THAT MUSICAL. We're even getting a professional ORCHESTERA. AGH. <3 I'm shooting for Chino or Tony. I hope its Chino so i wont have to kiss sarah, who more than likely will be maria. We've sung 'i feel pretty' so many times, also 'tonight', too. I'm SO PSYCHED for school next year!!

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Oh hark!!

Is that a smile I see on your muzzle? ;)

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